Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Rex

Located on King Street in Welland Ontario, The Rex is an Italian restaurant that has been owned and operated by the Carusetta family since 1915. The Rex is a popular restaurant in Welland and has been for generations. I am a childhood friend of Greg Carusetta, who runs the business with his Father and two brothers. He always had the best pizza at his birthday parties and now my friends and I often have our celebrate occations at The Rex.

The Rex is unique for a few reasons. The building itself dates back to the 19th century. Unlike other restaurants, The Rex is divided up into three rooms, each with a different ambiance but all with the same great food.

• The King’s Inn is a casual lounge area with high-back chairs and sofas, creating a comfortable and intimate dining experience.

• The Crown Room is a sports bar and lounge, where the Fort Erie Race Tracks Long Shots off-track-betting is located. With over 60 televisions, daily food and beverage specials and OV (Old Vienna) on tap, which is a Welland staple.

• The Napoli Dining Room seats up to 140 people, for larger formal and casual gatherings such as showers, retirement parties, anniversaries, fundraisers and more.

I could talk about the food forever, because I love eating, especially at The Rex. You don’t have to take my word for it and I encourage you to try it for yourself. The food is homemade, good quality and inexpensive. Try the veal parm pizza and don’t worry there are lots of vegetarian options.

“I bring my family at least once a month. Great homemade Italian food and excellent pizza. It's good to go to a place where their food doesn't come out of a box.” -Tripadvisor 2009

The Rex sponsors a variety of local sports teams, donates food to various fundraisers, host’s fundraisers, and supports the Walk for MS and Toys for Tots.


Jessica said...

I think it's really important to support your local restaurants. It's family owned restaurants like this that always have the best food.

Nate The Great said...

I love the Rex. In my opinion the only reason anyone has to come to Welland. It's actually only five minutes away from Niagara College and we should definitely go sometime.

Vanessa's Input said...

I agree with Nate The Great. I definitly want to try this place. It looks good and I love trying new pizza places. Thanks for sharing Alicia!

Liz said...

I also love the Rex! I am a person who lives for pizza. You give me a good slice of pizza and I am happy all day long. Extra tasty and seriously reasonably priced, it blows any other pizza place out of the water. (The other food they offer has to be good too since the pizza is phenom, I just have never tried it because I always get pizza!)