Monday, March 21, 2011

Bethwick Clothing Company

Bethwick Clothing Company is located on Niagara St., Welland, Ont. The business is owned and operated by Shawn McKinnon, a local boy in his mid twenties that I went to high school with. He has created his own clothing line with help from friends and is the go-to printing guy for many local bands and fundraisers.
Shawn has created a unique logo and listens to all his customers’ requests and suggestions. He has created a local brand in the Niagara region and an outlet for bands to print and create customized merchandise at a reasonable price and unique design.

Tyler Plante - "Our band, The Rosewoods, got our last printing of Tees made through Bethwick and they exceeded our expectations (not to mention cheaper and more reliable than any other printer we've gone to in the past). They have been selling really well too....the ladies especially love the cut and style. I even showed them to a Fashion professional in TO and they flipped out on them. In short....Bethwick is the ONLY place for your custom clothing needs. Support.”

Shawn also created the t-shirts for an annual festival he and I are involved with called Owenpalooza. It’s a fundraiser in the memory of our friend Owen Patrick Harold who passed away a couple years ago. It makes the event more special having local entrepreneurs participating in the event and creating tangible memories for the guests and persons involved.
Check out Bethwick Clothing Company facebook page. If you are interested in creating customized merchanside you can contact Shawn by calling 289 687 BETH (2384), stay updated on Bethwick Twitter or send him a message on facebook. He is laid back, extremely approachable and avid on helping people create.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cuzinz: Women's Boutique

Cuzinz is a women’s boutique clothing and accessories store located on 111 Hwy 20 in Fonthill, Ontario (across from Sobey’s). This is my favourite store and I’ve bought about 10 dresses from Cuzinz. People constantly ask me where I bought them because they are unique and stylish.

The store opened in December 2007 and is owned and operated by Kari Elmes, with help from her mother Lyn. Kari’s 12 year old daughter helps in the store on Saturdays and has already taken interest in fashion. Mei is taking sewing lessons and creating her own fashion drawings and paintings within her own brand called, “Meisy Mei Designs.” I told her I was jealous and that I’ll probably be blogging about her in a few years.

Only after shopping at Cuzinz a few times, Kari and Lyn recognized me and knew what type of clothing I liked and made wonderful suggestions, it was like shopping with friends. The benefit of being part of a small town, they are able to create relationships with their customers. They pride themselves on great customer service and a laid back atmosphere, which they do very well.

Cuzinz provides a wide range of styles and prices that appeal to all ages. They carry items that are a bit different, not something you will see in every other store. I usually traveled to big cities to get “something different”. I was sick of seeing the same things everywhere, and now I can stay within my region and attain the same styles.
Lines they carry are: Sandwich, Mac & Jac, Kensie, Moto, Bobi, Eric Alexandre, J.P. Evolution.
Jewellery lines: Caprice, and Anne Marie Changnon from Montreal and Sassafras from Shallow Lake, Ontario.
Purses by: Joanel (Canadian company from Montreal)

Kari is an incredible and energetic person who loves and knows fashion. She has her own blog where she talks about her two favourite things, treats and fashion. Her twitter handle is @treatqueendiva. and will be coming out with a t-shirt line called Treat Queen Diva. Check out the Facebook page. The Cuzinz website is currently under construction, but the best way to check out the clothes is go into the store.
Happy Shopping!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Your Food. Your Health. Your Life

My post today is about a local nutritional consulting business, that is my cousin Diana Esposito runs outside of her house in Welland, called Sano Weight Loss. I would like to take the time and highlight this business because it is like no other in the area and offers a service that many people can benefit from.

Diana is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and strongly believes that nutritional care if of the utmost importance in regaining your health and vitality. Diana’s 20 years of experience, along with the use of scientific principles, research and practical skills, has led to the success of her clients.

Diana is a businesswoman and mother and understands the difficulties we are all faced as we are bombarded with misguided information and conflicting advice about food, health and life. “We are led to believe that the time and effort needed to prepare healthy meals for ourselves and out families is unrealistic, even impossible. The truth is that is it easier than you think and the result is a happy healthy life.
I have worked with Diana in the beginning stages of starting he business and I watched her balance work, being a mom and maintaining a healthy life for her and her family. Her program educates and coaches individuals on making new and easy healthy choices for them and their families.

Diana is all about going back to the basics, using whole foods and portion controls. During the sessions she uses visuals to help clients understand what we are putting into our bodies when eating certain foods.

Diana is an amazing individual. Diana was diagnosed with endometriosis at a young age that brought extreme pain, hormonal and weigh imbalances as well as infertility. She turned to traditional Chinese herbal medicine. She changed her nutritional and lifestyle habits and received a miracle, the conception of her daughter eight years ago. She is a credible source, as she has made the same changes she is encouraging her clients to make.

For more information and helpful tips visit the Sano Weight Loss website or check out Diana's blog.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"True Beauty Comes From Feeling Your Best, Which Comes From Looking Your Best"

Keena Sceppacerqua is a 21 year old business owner of Cosmetique Spa, located in Welland, Ontario. She is in her first year of business and is extremely passionate about her work, as she should be since she has worked very hard to get to this point.

Cosmetique Spa
is located on 349 Wallace Ave, Welland and offers teeth whitening, ear candling, foot detox, sugarbrig sugaring, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, skin tag removal, vein reduction...and more.

Keena’s started her dream by taking the Sugarbrig course and working out of her house, while attending school. She loved her work and wanted pursue a more specialized field.
Her desire to learn more lead her to Arizona to take courses on different cosmetic treatments like, teeth whitening, microdermabrasion and laser hair removal.

She loves helping people love their face, body and skin, but keeps her prices at a reasonable rate. It is important to her that people are able to afford the treatments that will help them obtain the results they love. Her dedication to satisfying the customers needs and wants is astonishing and I think will be the key to her success.

Keena doesn’t hide the fact that starting this business has taken a lot of time and energy, but enjoys learning along the way. Her goal for the future is to own an upscale MedSpa, focusing on body cleanses and laser hair removal treatments, which is a growing demand. She dreams of a place where clients can come spend the day getting pampered and confidence in the results of the treatments.

Keena is an energetic, passionate and determine entrepreneur and her greatest assets is her genuine concern for her clients satisfaction. I know personally, when it comes to cosmetic products and services I like to be sure I am getting my moneys worth. Keena makes clients feel comfortable and listens to all their requests, creating a fantastic relationship between owner and client.

For more information you can visit the Cometique Spa Facebook pagee, call 289-347-5414 or e-mail She is offering a $10.00 discount to anyone who mentions this blog. This is great opportunity to try a new business now knowing a little more about the owner.

I commend Keena for working so hard to build this business and I truly believe that entrepreneurs with her outlook and values will find success in the future!

"True Beauty Comes From Feeling Your Best, Which Comes From Looking Your Best"

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A look back in entrepreneur history: A Profile on Lou Cahill

I would like to take this post to inspire entrepreneurs, with a profile on Lou Cahill, Canadian Public Relations pioneer and legend. Lou has also been a mentor to many public relations practitioners in the region, some of which have been guest speakers in my class and have expressed how amazing this man was.

Lou started as freelance sports reporter with the St. Catharines Standard and after a few years he met Lee Trenholm, a public relations practitioner from New York City. After working with Lee on a local project, Lou was offered a job at the New York City office, at the young age of 20. Lou did not take the job, but was inspired to work at a career in public relations and communications, which in 1934, was a non-existent industry.

In 1944, Lou founded the Ontario Editorial Bureau, which is now known as Enterprise Canada, one of Canada’s first public relations firms. Just a few of Lou’s achievements include:

• The opening of the Queen Elizabeth Way and the Royal visit of King George and Queen Elizabeth.
• Victoria Loan Campaign in Niagara for the Bank of Canada.
• Provided communications services to Ontario Paper Company.
• Responsible for “P.Eng” designation for professional engineers.
• Played a key role in the founding of Brock University
• Recognized with Honorary Doctorate from Brock University.
Canadian Public Relations Society prestigious Philip Novikoff award for lifetime achievement.
• The Canadian Public Relations Society Distinguished Service Award was changed to the Lou Cahill Award.

Lou worked full time for over 75 years and was working in the office until he was 91 and died at the age of 94. He expressed the importance of community involvement and charitable activities. Lou never carried a business card. Sometimes there isn’t research or a book that can tell you how to run a successful business, but those who have the heart and desire to succeed often do. I hope you have found Lou as inspiring as I have. A small town Canadian with ambition can make history too.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Alexei Golob Productions

Alexei Golob, is in his early twenties, born and raised in Fonthill, Ontario, but is currently a Toronto resident, studying at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Alexi is a remarkable young entrepreneur. He produces short films and videos, more accurately he is an operator of many aspects of what goes into a film.

Alexei started at the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2007 and his goal was to produce his own work and utilize his skills to generate an income. He began to explore the ways in which people in film and video production were capable of making money and realized the number of opportunities.

Since Alexei has started he learned how to operate cameras inside and out, he taught himself particular techniques and worked to create a network of fellow students that had similar goals and who also shared the desire to learn tricks associated with a high production value.

Form there Alexi entered the realm of 2D and 3D animation and compositing. Alexi explained how crucial these skills are for freelance work, which in the end generates a baseline wage of $25 per hour. Alexi has produced freelance 2D animation for Alvesco, Stop.Now.And.Plan, and assist Mae Productions with their project.

Alexei recognizes that in this business he will constantly be developing new skills and believes the filmmaking industry is in the process of a major overhaul in terms of how work is produced and changes in technology and equipment.

Alexei spoke on the importance of networking and utilizing the web to get his brand out there. I found Alexei’ comment about the branding on the web remarkable and deep, “As all the little beeps and lights get louder and brighter, the necessity to overcome everything else just to be realized in the minds of others becomes much greater as well. You have to lead a hyper-productive lifestyle in order to elevate yourself at all.”

Alexei is an open-minded, creative, fair, well-spoken and fun individual. The best way to experience his work is to check out his website:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Rex

Located on King Street in Welland Ontario, The Rex is an Italian restaurant that has been owned and operated by the Carusetta family since 1915. The Rex is a popular restaurant in Welland and has been for generations. I am a childhood friend of Greg Carusetta, who runs the business with his Father and two brothers. He always had the best pizza at his birthday parties and now my friends and I often have our celebrate occations at The Rex.

The Rex is unique for a few reasons. The building itself dates back to the 19th century. Unlike other restaurants, The Rex is divided up into three rooms, each with a different ambiance but all with the same great food.

• The King’s Inn is a casual lounge area with high-back chairs and sofas, creating a comfortable and intimate dining experience.

• The Crown Room is a sports bar and lounge, where the Fort Erie Race Tracks Long Shots off-track-betting is located. With over 60 televisions, daily food and beverage specials and OV (Old Vienna) on tap, which is a Welland staple.

• The Napoli Dining Room seats up to 140 people, for larger formal and casual gatherings such as showers, retirement parties, anniversaries, fundraisers and more.

I could talk about the food forever, because I love eating, especially at The Rex. You don’t have to take my word for it and I encourage you to try it for yourself. The food is homemade, good quality and inexpensive. Try the veal parm pizza and don’t worry there are lots of vegetarian options.

“I bring my family at least once a month. Great homemade Italian food and excellent pizza. It's good to go to a place where their food doesn't come out of a box.” -Tripadvisor 2009

The Rex sponsors a variety of local sports teams, donates food to various fundraisers, host’s fundraisers, and supports the Walk for MS and Toys for Tots.