Monday, March 21, 2011

Bethwick Clothing Company

Bethwick Clothing Company is located on Niagara St., Welland, Ont. The business is owned and operated by Shawn McKinnon, a local boy in his mid twenties that I went to high school with. He has created his own clothing line with help from friends and is the go-to printing guy for many local bands and fundraisers.
Shawn has created a unique logo and listens to all his customers’ requests and suggestions. He has created a local brand in the Niagara region and an outlet for bands to print and create customized merchandise at a reasonable price and unique design.

Tyler Plante - "Our band, The Rosewoods, got our last printing of Tees made through Bethwick and they exceeded our expectations (not to mention cheaper and more reliable than any other printer we've gone to in the past). They have been selling really well too....the ladies especially love the cut and style. I even showed them to a Fashion professional in TO and they flipped out on them. In short....Bethwick is the ONLY place for your custom clothing needs. Support.”

Shawn also created the t-shirts for an annual festival he and I are involved with called Owenpalooza. It’s a fundraiser in the memory of our friend Owen Patrick Harold who passed away a couple years ago. It makes the event more special having local entrepreneurs participating in the event and creating tangible memories for the guests and persons involved.
Check out Bethwick Clothing Company facebook page. If you are interested in creating customized merchanside you can contact Shawn by calling 289 687 BETH (2384), stay updated on Bethwick Twitter or send him a message on facebook. He is laid back, extremely approachable and avid on helping people create.


Milica P. said...

I had no idea this place existed - thanks for letting us know, Alicia!

Allan said...

wow thats great. I will definitely have to check this place out.