Monday, March 14, 2011

Your Food. Your Health. Your Life

My post today is about a local nutritional consulting business, that is my cousin Diana Esposito runs outside of her house in Welland, called Sano Weight Loss. I would like to take the time and highlight this business because it is like no other in the area and offers a service that many people can benefit from.

Diana is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and strongly believes that nutritional care if of the utmost importance in regaining your health and vitality. Diana’s 20 years of experience, along with the use of scientific principles, research and practical skills, has led to the success of her clients.

Diana is a businesswoman and mother and understands the difficulties we are all faced as we are bombarded with misguided information and conflicting advice about food, health and life. “We are led to believe that the time and effort needed to prepare healthy meals for ourselves and out families is unrealistic, even impossible. The truth is that is it easier than you think and the result is a happy healthy life.
I have worked with Diana in the beginning stages of starting he business and I watched her balance work, being a mom and maintaining a healthy life for her and her family. Her program educates and coaches individuals on making new and easy healthy choices for them and their families.

Diana is all about going back to the basics, using whole foods and portion controls. During the sessions she uses visuals to help clients understand what we are putting into our bodies when eating certain foods.

Diana is an amazing individual. Diana was diagnosed with endometriosis at a young age that brought extreme pain, hormonal and weigh imbalances as well as infertility. She turned to traditional Chinese herbal medicine. She changed her nutritional and lifestyle habits and received a miracle, the conception of her daughter eight years ago. She is a credible source, as she has made the same changes she is encouraging her clients to make.

For more information and helpful tips visit the Sano Weight Loss website or check out Diana's blog.


Mike Treadgold said...

I am so envious of people who are successful entrepreneurs, ESPECIALLY young ones--talk about ambition! Not only does it take a great deal of organization and creativity, but it also takes guts--you're out there on your own, responsible for providing your own livelihood and if your product/service doesn't sell, your investment gets hammered. Really interesting stuff, but also scary and I'm not sure if I could do it.

Even though I have friends who have been both successful and unsuccessful as entrepreneurs, one key message that they all seem to reiterate is what a great learning experience it was. Entrepreneurship seems like such an unbelievable test of your responsibilities, relationships and drive to succeed.

Ryan Nava said...

I agree starting your own business is tough and to do it in a small town is even tougher. Alicia your blogs are great, I'm always interested in new entrepreneurs in the area.