Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cuzinz: Women's Boutique

Cuzinz is a women’s boutique clothing and accessories store located on 111 Hwy 20 in Fonthill, Ontario (across from Sobey’s). This is my favourite store and I’ve bought about 10 dresses from Cuzinz. People constantly ask me where I bought them because they are unique and stylish.

The store opened in December 2007 and is owned and operated by Kari Elmes, with help from her mother Lyn. Kari’s 12 year old daughter helps in the store on Saturdays and has already taken interest in fashion. Mei is taking sewing lessons and creating her own fashion drawings and paintings within her own brand called, “Meisy Mei Designs.” I told her I was jealous and that I’ll probably be blogging about her in a few years.

Only after shopping at Cuzinz a few times, Kari and Lyn recognized me and knew what type of clothing I liked and made wonderful suggestions, it was like shopping with friends. The benefit of being part of a small town, they are able to create relationships with their customers. They pride themselves on great customer service and a laid back atmosphere, which they do very well.

Cuzinz provides a wide range of styles and prices that appeal to all ages. They carry items that are a bit different, not something you will see in every other store. I usually traveled to big cities to get “something different”. I was sick of seeing the same things everywhere, and now I can stay within my region and attain the same styles.
Lines they carry are: Sandwich, Mac & Jac, Kensie, Moto, Bobi, Eric Alexandre, J.P. Evolution.
Jewellery lines: Caprice, and Anne Marie Changnon from Montreal and Sassafras from Shallow Lake, Ontario.
Purses by: Joanel (Canadian company from Montreal)

Kari is an incredible and energetic person who loves and knows fashion. She has her own blog where she talks about her two favourite things, treats and fashion. Her twitter handle is @treatqueendiva. and will be coming out with a t-shirt line called Treat Queen Diva. Check out the Facebook page. The Cuzinz website is currently under construction, but the best way to check out the clothes is go into the store.
Happy Shopping!


Anonymous said...

Alicia, this is awesome! I really like what you said about the boutique, I'm definitely sold and very interested in checking out this place. Thanks!

Kimberlie said...

Alicia! I am so glad you posted about this small boutique. I am always looking for small shops to look around and I will definetly have to stop into this one next time I am in Font Hill.

Laura said...

I must pass this boutique every time I visit my cousins in Fonthill but I've never noticed it. I'll make a point of looking for it now. Thanks for pointing it out.

Courtney E Meyer said...

I have never heard of this place, but you have definitely encouraged me to check it out! I have found that living in this area is difficult in terms of shopping because there seems to be so little choice.

Hellen said...

Hey Alicia,

It sounds like a very interesting store. Defenetely, good advice. If I have the possibility, for sure i will stop by there. Thanks!

Kari said...

Alicia, I want to thank you for writing such a great post about the store! Mom, Mei and I really appreciate it. And to all the ladies who commented, come in to visit anytime. We always like to meet new people.